Canada’s largest beginner-friendly hackathon
In-person event
November 18-19, 2023

HackCamp starts in:

05 Days
13 Hours
34 Minutes

Welcome to HackCamp

HackCamp revolves around inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility — we want you to bring your unique perspectives and experiences to the table, regardless of whether you have coding experience or not!

Over the past 6 years, HackCamp, or formerly UBC Local Hack Day, has been focused on encouraging beginners and people who are curious about technology to work on a project that focuses on these three main pillars.

Our Events

Learn Day
Nov. 18, 2023
A day of workshops and skill building in preparation for Build Day. With topics ranging from web development, git, machine learning, and more, we make sure to have something for you!
Build Day
Nov. 19, 2023
A 12-hour hackathon focused around creating projects centered around inclusivity, diversity and accessibility. Each submission will donate $10 to a charity of your choice!

Last year we had:
Projects Submitted
Hackers Registered
Gender Minority
First-Time Hackers